Growth through partnerships

Our customers and customer relationships

Our focus on customer-centricity and our global network means Rand Refinery is capable of offering the highest levels of service excellence and efficiency to consistently meet each customer’s unique needs.

Rand Refinery’s customer base is as broad as our network and our full precious metals value-chain offering. We always work towards providing maximum value for our depositing customers – who include many of the world’s major gold mining houses. At the same time, our scrap recovery customers receive equal focus.

Our finished product customers – including bullion banks, jewellery manufacturers, distributors and retailers, mints and various industries – as well as end-consumers know that Rand Refinery stands for the highest service and product quality.

Fundamental to our business is the belief in building long-term relationships based on integrity and ethics. We value our partnerships with our customers and continually endeavour to improve them by refining our offering to them. This is in terms of new and innovative products and processes as well as service levels. We always aim to be agile and flexible, delivering quick and friendly service in a simple yet effective manner.

Growth through Partnerships

A new visibility of precious metals as an attractive and secure commodity, one that can weather financial and other market instabilities, opens a multitude of opportunities for Rand Refinery and our alliance partners.

We believe there is immense value to be unlocked in establishing synergistic partnerships with key players across the entire precious metals offering, using our core competence of refinement to drive benefit across the value chain.

For example, establishing a partnership with the South African Mint adds enhanced value to the production and marketing of the Krugerrand, the most easily recognisable international bullion coin. Rand Refinery is ready to embark on creating an extensive portfolio of innovative investment products to commercial banks and investment houses as the result of growing effective collaborations.

We are also focusing on establishing long-term collaborative relationships with luxury jewellery manufacturers and fashion brands, as well as customising semi-fabricated products to premium jewellery manufacturers. The emphasis will be on creating preferential access to “responsibly” mined or “green” precious metals.

We will continue to constantly refine our product offering – through ongoing research and gaining in-depth insight into unmet consumer needs in new markets and product segments. This will ensure that Rand Refinery and our partners remain at the forefront of precious metals innovation.

Sr Strategic, long-term relationships will be built on:

A strong values system (SHEQ, Sustainable Wealth Creation, Ubuntu and People Development);

An impeccable reputation, built up over 90 years;

A global brand;

Sustainability and financial strength;

Quality products at the right price, backed by excellent service;

Environmental responsibility;

Highest safety, quality and analytical standards; and

World-class shareholders.

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