FAQs - Gold and Silver Sales

I am a jeweller and would like to buy gold product from Rand Refinery
  • Rand Refinery will only transact with a registered company that is in possession of a valid Jewellers’ Permit/Works Recovery license. Rand Refinery does not transact with individuals in their private capacity.

  • Rand Refinery can assist with specific products relevant to the jewellery and dental manufacturing industry, such as granules, plate, wire, solder paste etc.

  • Before new customers can purchase from our retail range of value-added products, a Krugerrand Pre-Application Form is to be completed and returned, with the relevant documents for security screening, to the email address provided on the form.

  • Orders of 50gms and less will be levied with an administration fee of R250.00

Can I purchase gold bars from Rand Refinery?
  • In regard to gold bullion bars, Rand Refinery is not able to supply these as we act as agent for selected gold producers in the refining, marketing and sale of their gold production. In so doing, we have liaison arrangements with members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for the sale and distribution of their products.

  • Should Rand Refinery not be in a position to assist with your needs, please contact any of the LBMA members on www.lbma.org/members

Can I purchase gold on behalf of my client?
  • Rand Refinery only transacts on a principal-to-principal basis and does not transact through intermediaries. Please put your client in direct contact with us.

Can I get current pricing on gold in South Africa?
  • Rand Refinery publishes two daily retail sales price lists, including an am price fix and a pm price fix. A history of the daily price lists is also available. See Customer Zone > Retail Sales Pricing

I would like to enquire about obtaining Proof Gold (5 9’s – 99.999% pure) for Bullion Analysis. I have been told that I will be able to purchase this from Rand Refinery. Do I need to get some form of Legal Document for the purchase, use and transport of gold?
  • Rand Refinery does sell au proof wire (32gm). However, you need to be in possession of a valid permit from SADPMR. You will need to request an Application to Trade form, which can be requested from our CRM (see Contact Us for details). The whole application process takes about 4 weeks and there is an application fee of R2500.00 excluding vat.

Can I purchase gold directly from a gold mine?
  • No - gold mines do not sell finished product. The gold needs to be refined before sale, and in South Africa, this is done by Rand Refinery. Rand Refinery then markets and sells the gold to the London Bullion Market Association in London which in turn has members who sell physical gold to the public.

  • For ease of reference, we have listed the details of the three parties that you should approach for purchasing gold.
    1. Rand Refinery, South Africa (see the questions above on purchasing gold)
    2. London Bullion Market Association - www.lbma.org.uk
    3. LBMA members – www.lbma.org.uk/members

We are looking for a reliable source for gold dust and gold bullion bars. Can Rand Refinery supply any of these commodities?
  • Rand Refinery does not supply gold dust. Please see the first question on this page regarding the sales of gold product for jewellers.

  • Rand Refinery does not sell gold bullion bars. Please see the second question on this page regarding gold bars.

  • In addition, please note that Rand Refinery sources gold in various forms from all over Africa - sources that are known to Rand Refinery and have been approved by the company. Gold is analogous to currency and for this reason Rand Refinery does not take any criminal or money laundering risks in any of its transactions.

  • Rand Refinery has been in business for over 90 years and has developed long-standing relationships with customers that are stringently and continuously checked for legal and company references in order to comply with all Financial Intelligent Control Act purposes.

  • Rand Refinery does not transact at any discount to the London market and in fact its gold products are offered at significant premiums to the London market.

  • In the case where a company is approved as a purchaser for retail sales after a stringent background check, goods will only be dispatched after cleared funds have been credited to Rand Refinery’s nominated bank account.

I would like to buy silver locally in South Africa

  • Rand Refinery does not carry large stock of silver, and our obligation is to fulfill international orders as a first priority

  • It is no longer regulation to be in possession of a precious metals permit for the purchase of silver, but Rand Refinery requires you to be a registered company (an individual cannot register in a private capacity).

  • Orders of 50gms and less will be levied with an administration fee of R250.00

  • Before new customers can purchase from our retail range of value-added products, an Application to Trade form is to be completed and returned with the relevant documents for security screening.  This application form can be requested from our CRM (see Contact Us for details)

What is the difference between Responsible Gold, Certified Gold and Rand Pure?
  • All Rand Refinery gold is responsible gold which follows the 'Chain of Custody' requirements consistent with the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas. It further complies with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Responsibel Gold Guidance and the World Gold Council certification of 'Conflict-Free' gold.

  • Certified gold adds one dimension to the requirements of responsible gold by guaranteeing that the gold was also mined with respect to the environment and not recycled from scrap or other secondary, untraceable sources as well as that the chain of custody through refining was traceable.

  • The RandPureTM mark has been introduced by Rand Refinery as an iconic symbol that not only guarantees responsibility from mine to retail, but also exceptional fineness and craftsmanship. The following codes are used: EC - Excellent Craftsmanship, AF - Absolute Fineness, CF - Conflict Free, VM - Virgin Metal, CD - Contributes to Development.

Who cannot apply to trade with Rand Refinery?
  • As a reminder Rand Refinery will not respond either by reply e-mail or other communication to any agent, middle man, or third party on requests for information or process any applications to trade for an agent on his or his customers behalf even where a fee to process has been paid. Rand Refinery only deals with principles in the deposit or purchase of precious metals products. Agents who require information to enable you to inform customers of your own, are advised to have such parties approach Rand Refinery directly.

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