FAQs - Tours and Projects

My child has a school project on gold.  Does Rand Refinery have literature on the process of gold and the history thereof?
  • Depending on the nature of the project, there is a wide variety of material available on this site. Information on the mining industry generally can also be found on the website of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa and those of our shareholders click here for links to other relevant websites.

Can I tour the Rand Refinery facility?
  • Due to safety and security concerns, no public tours are allowed through the refinery. In certain circumstances, such as visting VIPs from other countries, management may approve strictly supervised tours through the refinery.

Does Rand Refinery supply replica gold bars?
  • Rand Refinery can arrange for a quotation through its supplier, or the customer can contact Gold Reef City Mint (GRCM) directly, if they require a non-Rand Refinery specific bar www.goldreefcity-mint.co.za

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