Invest in Gold

Compelling reasons for investing in Rand Refinery gold:
  • Gold has a history of holding its value;
  • Gold remains a hedge against inflation;
  • Increased wealth of emerging markets has increased demand for gold - this may result in supply constraints, boosting the price of gold;
  • Gold is a hedge against geopolitical uncertainty;
  • Portfolio diversification;
  • Gold is money;
  • Gold, unlike fiat currencies, is not a claim on anyone else's liability;
  • All gold produced by Rand Refinery is responsible gold.

Rand Refinery only transacts with registered companies that are in possession of a valid Jewellers’ Permit/ Works Recovery license.

You can test the authenticity of a Krugerrand by following some simple guidelines - click here

Members of the public can invest in gold produced by Rand Refinery through the purchase of the following products available from the authorised third party sources listed below:

Ig Investment Gold

Kr Krugerrands
1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce and 1/10 ounce of pure gold

Available from:
International Dealers: Coins and Minted Bars
South African Dealers: Coins and Minted Bars

Mi Minted Gold Bars
9999 purity

Available from:

Ca Cast Gold Bars
100g and 1000g
Purity can vary from 9950, 9990 to 9999

Available from:

International Bullion Banks

Ex Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
For the first time in South Africa institutional and retail investors have an opportunity to invest in gold in a cost-effective, secure and efficient way through a JSE listed security.

ABSA is proud to announce the listing of NewGold Gold Bullion Debentures, the first product of its type to be listed in South Africa, and only the third in the world. NewGold is listed on the JSE Securities Exchange in the Exchange Traded Funds sector.

Developed in association with the World Gold Council, NewGold represents a new asset class for South African investors and a unique investment opportunity. It is a low risk investment, an excellent preserver of wealth and a necessary component of any investment portfolio.

Available from:

South Africa and International

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