Custom Product Development

Rand Refinery has both the expertise and leading-edge technology to be able to offer customised product development for our customers who include central banks, major bullion banks, commercial banks, national mints and metal laboratories.

We are accredited by various metal exchanges across the globe and are one of only five international LBMA referees, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. We have also been appointed by the World Gold Council to the Responsible Gold Standards Committee. Our high standing in the global gold market makes Rand Refinery a trusted partner in the design, development and supply of gold and silver products.

The custom services we offer to our clients are as follows:
  • Central Banks: We recast old gold bars according to updated specifications from the LBMA.
  • Major Bullion Banks: We producing cast bars of various dimensions and purity according to customer specifications
  • Commercial Banks: Minted bars of various dimensions and purity are produced, tailored to the customer's requirements
  • National mints: We produce coin blanks of various sizes and purity according to specification
  • Metal laboratories: Our proof gold wire is used in many laboratories as the benchmark for purity when testing the quality of assays.
If your requirements are similar to any of the above, please contact us and we can discuss how best to meet your requirements.

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