Semi-Finished Metal Product

Rand Refinery produces a range of semi-finished gold carat product.

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Rand Refinery produces a range of gold and silver semi-fabricated products in the form of wire, granules, plate, bangle washers etc. for the jewellery industry to use for further beneficiation. The company – through its state of the art laboratory - also provides metallurgical advice and analytical services to the jewellery industry.

Rand Refinery produces gold carat alloys in grain form and sterling silver for the jewellery manufacturing industry.  These granules are much easier to work with as they are easier to melt and can also be sold in varying smaller quantities as required by the fabricators.

The analytically certified range includes white, yellow and rose gold of varying carat purity as well as sterling silver as required by the jewellery industry. A range of dental alloys are also produced for the dental industry.

All gold semi-finished product is produced from responsible gold.

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