Critical to Rand Refinery’s smelting and refining activities is prompt and accurate sampling and analysis of the deposits it receives.

Evaluation ensures that the London Good Delivery bars, supplied to the London market comply to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) requirements. The Evaluations unit is one of only five LBMA-approved London Good Delivery referees and the only one in the southern hemisphere.

It is also accredited to supply London Good Delivery silver bars to the London Metal Exchange (LME), Comex Bars to the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX Division), one kilogram bars to the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Good Delivery gold to the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC). In addition it has an ISO 9001 quality certification.

The unit consists of traditional Fire Assay and Wet Chemical sections combined with modern Spectroscopic techniques. The Department is responsible for the analysis of all material entering or leaving the Smelter (Smelter Assay) and Refinery (Bullion Assay) as well as process control analyses.

The fire assay process is used to evaluate a deposit on arrival and departure; and deposits are policed at every stage of Rand Refinery’s operations. Evaluations uses x-ray analysis of samples to provide rapid confirmation of an assay prior to treatment. This ensures a same day valuation for depositors.

Analytical Services are also provided to the Jewellery Industry in the form of a comprehensive Physical Metallurgical Laboratory for testing.

Metallurgical services

The evaluations unit also provides metallurgical services on a commercial basis. Bespoke gold and silver base Reference Materials are produced for the global market and for other analytical laboratories.

Development Standards

The Development Section is responsible for developing new techniques and performing non-standard analyses. Standards and Reference Materials are produced for internal use and sale. Reference Materials produced include spectroscopic calibration and “setting-up” standards. Rand Refinery standards are listed by MBH.

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