Refining Services


The refinery, which provides a same day refining service, employs the widely used Miller Chlorination Process to upgrade the gold bullion it receives from mines to 99.50% fine gold, the minimum standard required for gold sold on the world bullion markets. Subsequent to the Miller refining process, gold electrolysis is employed to produce 99.99% pure gold for the production of gold bars, granules and coins.

Rand Refinery has recently successfully implemented new state of the art silver refining technology, to produce 99.99% crystals for subsequent silver granule and good delivery bar production for sales. The newly installed silver technology, successfully optimized the cathode current density of the silver electrolysis refining, and consequently reduced the silver processing pipe-line and increased the silver refining capacity to 80 ton per year. The 80 tpa Silver refining facility was introduced 2016 for refining of smelter doré and Miller silver chloride to produce 80tpa of 99.99% silver crystals.

Rand Refinery also successfully implemented the Wet Chemical Refining Plant. The Wet Chemical Refining Plant was introduced in 2015 to provide an effective gold electrolyte solution treatment route producing 99.9% gold precipitate and Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) in concentrate.

The refinery continually investigates refining technology developments that could make its operations more efficient and cost effective.


The Fabrication unit is part of Rand Refinery’s strategy of diversification of revenue streams by adding value to the gold leaving the site.

Semi-finished products include casting granules, gold carated alloys, wire, coin blanks and minted bars.

The manufacture of
cast bars of 1kg and less, as well as 12.5 kg London good delivery bars, form part of the fabrication area. Krugerrand blanks are produced which are then minted by the SA Mint and distributed by Rand Refinery to its network of coin dealers.

For further detail on the products fabricated by Rand Refinery, see the Products section in the menu.

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