Smelting Services

The flexible and consistently stable smelting process at Rand Refinery currently processes over 70 different types of material, including by-products from the mining industry, electronic waste, carbon fibres and sludge for which the smelter has installed a fluidised bed incinerator to treat 1 500 tonnes per year.

The smelting operation is overseen by employees with requisite skills and material is processed in an upgraded, well ventilated arc furnace that complies to statutory requirements. The smelter recovers 6-10 tons of gold and between 16-30 tons of silver per year.

The smelter uses a pyro-metallurgical process to concentrate low grade materials into a semi concentrated product that is further purified into pure elements at the main refinery. The smelter is also introducing different pre-concentration circuits that would enable sections to treat diverse materials and offer competitive prices to customers. This enables us to proudly add maximum value to every ounce delivered. Carbonaceous materials are processed through the fluidised bed incinerator that has the capacity to process 1 500 tons per annum of material. 

The smelter has formed strategic partnerships with other organisations to allow itself to process more materials and offer its customers better service for materials delivered.

The smelter is certified by National Nuclear Radiation to accept and treat materials that have low radioactive levels and is also affiliated to Copper Development Association Africa.

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